Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) Study

A Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) study is a vital starting point for any chlor alkali project. It lets you assess the viability of your project and address any areas of technical uncertainty. When we conduct a FEED study, we help you to identify key deliverables in each area and phase of your project to improve the speed and efficiency of the project life cycle – from initial concept right through to design and implementation. We provide you with a bespoke technical and commercial analysis, no matter how small or large your new plant is. Whether you require whole teams or just a few personnel to supplement your existing teams, we have the expertise and the resources to help you at every step.

These bespoke engineering solutions include:

  • Mechanical And Process Engineering
  • Specialist Equipment Specification
  • Electrical Engineering (LV, MV & HV)
  • Load Flow Analysis & Protection Studies
  • I & C Engineers
  • Load Flow Analysis & Protection Studies


We carry out all the basic design and detailed engineering for all areas of Chlor-Alkali plants.

CONVE & AVS Inc.® design and deliver projects in complex and challenging environments to create the most effective and efficient solution for each of our clients. We provide integrated project management and solution-based engineering services to the oil & gas and renewable energy industries worldwide. Engineering is at the heart of everything we do and the maintenance and development of our knowledge base and engineering team is the key to adding value for our clients. With involvement throughout the project life cycle – from FEED, project ‘kick off’, design – our engineering focus adds value to your project while mitigating and managing risk.

Our focus in this area is to:

  • Maintain an organised and accessible document library system
  • Improve workflow efficiency and communication
  • Ensure regulatory and industry compliance throught workflow procedures
  • Maintain document change control and record all document changes, history and distribution
  • Prevent the use of incorrect documents and document version
  • Create a controlled and transparent audit trail for accounting, budget and legal purposes


Training of Operation Personnel, Plant Start-up Assistance or Management, Supervision of Plant Operation

CONVE & AVS Inc.® plant operation training provides the technical skills needed to operate any type of chlor alkali plant. Our chemical plant operator training programme is a unique, user-friendly programme designed for those who have minimal knowledge of plant operations, math, physics and chemistry. These necessary sciences are covered in great detail in the various course modules.

The job of plant operator includes the following:

  • Consider personnel safety as the primary objective
  • Continually monitor instrumentation and the operation of equipment
  • Make adjustments to keep system process variables within acceptable ranges
  • Detect potential problems and take corrective action to prevent system's interruptions
  • Analize operational trends and take corrective actions
  • Use standard operating procedures to start/stop production equipment
  • Maintain communication with other operators, maintenance and the management
  • Ensure production processes are operating safety

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The final phases of mechanical

Posted October 15, 2014

Conve & AVS Inc., is pleased to announce that our whole team is devoted to the final phases of mechanical completion and pre-commissioning activities for the latest EPC and E&P Projects We are confident that these Skid Mounted Salt to Bleach and Hydrochloric Acid Plants will be reaching their expected output in production while meeting the highest quality product requirements by early in 2015.

Conve & AVS New Brand Video!

Posted October 01, 2014

CONVE & AVS Inc.® (Conve) specializes in supplying Modular Skid Mounted Chlor-Alkali Plants for on-site production of gas chlorine, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite.The quality of our service is based on the composition of a professional team whose members have more than twenty years of international expertise in the design, construction and operation of Chlor-Alkali and sodium chlorate facilities.